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Mute The Voice of Weight Loss Destruction

As 2016 approaches, the majority start to figure out what their New Years Resolutions are going to be; usually, these are focused on health and fitness. Because of this, I think it is a good time to start exploring the obstacles found when trying to eat right and get into shape while determining how to overcome these pesky roadblocks.

Let’s start with the thing that poses the greatest threat to weight loss success…

Who is The Voice inside of your head while you are trying to eat healthy and take care of yourself?

“Gina, what are you talking about?”

Let me help you understand what I am talking about by setting the scene:

 It’s a Monday. You promised yourself that this was the week that you were going to finally start to follow (enter whatever weight loss program you have sworn your metabolism to).

You spent the weekend eating everything in sight, because obviously, you will never be able to touch these foods again.

You have gone food shopping, following a list free from Oreo’s and planned all of your meals for the week accordingly.

Lunch is made for the next day. Water bottle filled.


Fast forward to 3pm the next day.

Work has been…challenging.

You don’t have your afternoon chocolate (Please Lord say this isn’t something just specific to me).

Your blood sugar has dropped.

You’re moody, stressed out and hungry.

Then there it is: The Voice.

“It’s been a long day, just start tomorrow’.

“Maybe it was too much pressure to start all the changes at once, maybe today, just work on drinking enough water”.

“This is a crazy plan, I should have packed more food, I set myself up for failure, I will try again tomorrow now that I know this…for now, I will go to the Drive Thru”.

I was on the phone with my mother one day and she was talking about being in a rut fitness wise and I mentioned The Voice. She immediately said “Yeah! What is that!?”

Because I pride myself on sounding way smarter than I actually am, I told my mom that the voice was there because we have taught ourselves that eating whatever we want and not working out are ways that we reward ourselves for working hard or ways that we give ourselves a break during a stressful time. In reality, doing these things will not make us feel better, but The Voice…so convincing.

Now do you know what voice I am talking about? The Voice of Weight Loss Self Destruction. By the way, I don’t know anything about The Voice. – I am unaware of the gender, age or appearance of it; although, it does sound like an overly confident version of myself…

I don’t think there is a way to shut off the voice completely, however, I definitely think there are ways to mute it. It’s not easy. Before you mute it though, take some time to get to know the voice, because you can learn a lot from it. You can learn that you aren’t eating enough or drinking enough water throughout the day. You can also learn if the type of food you are eating is filling enough and if you are eating often enough. Lastly, the voice helps you determine when you need to make some specific changes to your diet/routine and when you may just need to toughen up.

Most of the time, the voice sneaks up on me when I am super hungry or dehydrated. But sometimes it really just sneaks up when I am bored, stressed or feeling ever-so-emotional (which hardly ever happens…..). That is why I mention that it will help you to make the necessary changes, but there are going to be those times when you want food due to changes in your mood or feelings of boredom and when those times spring up, you really just need to do what you need to do to ignore the voice.

So, how do you do that? These ideas are not fool proof but may help you to put that pesky voice on mute and stay on a healthy path.

  • Drink water
    • Did you know that when you feel hungry that it is often that you haven’t consumed enough water? Drink up!
  • Have a healthy snack
    • Munch on some veggies, fruits, air popped popcorn, etc. These are items that won’t make a dent in your food plan but will help tame the voice.
  • Keep Busy
    • Read, listen to music, go for a walk, something that will take your mind off indulging.
  • Picture It
    • Think of your next weigh in – giving into the voice may cause the scale to not display what you would like it to. The same goes for the feeling of your clothes, feeling confident at an upcoming event, etc. The further you travel on your weight loss journey, the easier it will get because you know how good those results feel and you don’t want to risk not seeing them.

Do you have ways that you mute The Voice of Weight Loss Self Destruction? Share them in the comments or email me with them and I will compile a list of tactics!



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