Prom Dress Mentality – aka Confessions of a Curvy Millennial

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I remember when I was 18 years old, preparing for prom: I was dieting up a storm but, as I often do when I have some weight loss success, I started to fly off the handle a bit and pretty much eat everything in sight.

I had picked out my dress a few months prior and was about to head to the store with my mom to try it on and take it home. I was absolutely terrified. I kept thinking that since I had been eating so horribly that the dress wasn’t going to fit and I was, not only, going to be humiliated but that my mother was going to be pissed that we would have to make other dress arrangements.

Palms sweating, fear within my soul, I stepped into the fitting room. To my surprise – it fit!

I stood out in froIMG_1971nt of the mirror, mom and the store clerk beside me; in my typical Gina Fashion I said “Guess all that ice cream I have been eating had no effect on my body!”

The store clerk responded with “The way the dress is designed, even if you put on weight in your stomach, it wouldn’t effect the fit”.

What? How dare she?! The woman completely trampled all over my theory that God knew prom was right around the corner and, therefore, ignored any heavy amounts of caloric intake that I had participated in. She totally shut down the fact that I had bested my prom dress.

Needless to say, I went home that day and continued to eat a bunch of junk food because this woman was not going to get in the way of my beliefs.

Prom came and went. I looked breathtaking (please refer to phot) and I continued my life of yo-yo dieting.

 I know you’re wondering what I am getting at and it’s that I’m basically reliving prom right now – without the flawless dress.

At the beginning of December (or when I posted Month 2 Results), I went away for the weekend to celebrate my birthday, went straight to my mom’s (8 hours away from where I live) to fulfill some daughterly duties, back home and then back to my mom’s for the holidays. Lots of traveling. Lots of not being on my daily schedule and lots of delicious food available to me.

Fun fact about me is that I am an incredibly organized and scheduled person. I have a very detailed planner (detailed like it-includes-stickers-detailed) and many to do lists. It’s a blessing and a curse. I love the feeling of being organized and at the same time, the moment I am thrown off my schedule, it is difficult for me to keep myself on track diet/fitness wise.

That’s what is happening right now.

I have yet to get back on track in terms of my eating; I have been fluctuating within the same 5 pounds which has only influenced me to continue my poor eating because, well, prom dress mentality. While my weight hasn’t skyrocketed, I definitely do not feel healthy, I am not sleeping well and my energy level has plummeted. Knowing I didn’t want to go back to the exact regimen I was following prior to December, I feel as if I may have become overwhelmed with thoughts of what I should do, how I should do it and the idea of how much weight I have to lose. So, finally, after much avoidance, I forced myself to sit down yesterday and make some life choices in terms of what I want to eat, when, etc. etc. and went on an amazing grocery shopping trip. Seriously, it was amazing.

I bought some yummy, healthy items that I am very excited to include in my lifestyle. That being said, sooner rather than later, I will update all my loyal followers (like 20 people??) on how it is going, what I am eating and if I feel like I am going to lose my cool or not.

I guess at the end of the day, what it really comes down to is: my prom dress no longer fits.



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